Unwind in Your
Dream Oasis:
Landscape Design
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Gardens for Sanctuary & Property Value
A beautiful garden is a place to make special memories, find tranquility, and reconnect with nature. Invest in your own sanctuary and enjoy the added benefit of potentially increasing your property value by up to 20%. It's one of the best return on investments for home improvement!
Dream Backyard?
We'll design it.

Whether you want a garden to unwind, entertain, watch birds, or grow your own food - we create beautiful, sustainable landscapes tailored to your dreams.

Expert Design: Beautiful gardens start with a precise planting plan. We're licensed, bonded, and insured in Oregon. OLCB # 100532

Quality & Sustainability: We design with pollinator friendly, native, water-wise, and low-maintenance plants to maximize positive environmental impact.

Modern outdoor kitchen and dining area
Wooden archway leading to curving path through luscious garden
Benefits in abundance
Health, relaxation, and habitat

Gardens even offer more than visual delight. They connect us with nature, promoting well-being for ourselves, families, and the environment.

Stress reduction:
Studies show spending time in nature lowers cortisol (stress hormone) levels.

Enhanced mindfulness: Studies indicate being in nature improves focus and reduces anxiety.

Support your local ecosystem: Plant a haven for butterflies, birds, and pollinators with our native plant & sustainable designs.

Specialty Gardens


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we believe
Sustainability should not be sacrificed for a beautiful, healthy garden and it's exactly what conventional landscaping is missing.
our promise

Sustainability First

To create breath-taking, versatile gardens that are environmentally sustainable and biodiverse. Home landscapes can have  purpose and way less upkeep than a lawn or traditional, lifeless row of bushes. We create gardens to serve people as a place to retreat, unwind, and pick fresh food. Even more, with our selection of plants and organic practices, we make a habitat for all the biodiverse organisms that conventional gardening eliminates. We're here to create gardens full of life that are life fulfilling!


Organic & Science Based

Our philosophy is to work with nature, not fight against it. We use the latest research to provide the best organic, eco-friendly services to your garden. We focus on building optimal soil health with organic amendments, compost, and mulch, then designing with correct plant placement to keep plants healthy. We use electric and hand-powered tools for maintenance to keep the peace as well as the birds around.

Specialty Gardens

Pollinator Habitats

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Drought Resistant

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