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garden consultation

Let's chat all things garden!

If you're a home gardener looking for garden guidance or wanting to step up your garden with a design, our initial consultation is a time where we walk along side you to create the vision for your dream outdoor oasis. What sparks your joy and which aesthetics resonate with you? We'll visit your space, gather inspiration, take measurements, and translate your vision into a personalized plant list or landscape design.

Colorful landscape design by Vibe Gardens LLC


All dream gardens start here.

We're here translate your needs and wants to create a landscape design you'll absolutely love. We design non-architectural elements such as plantings, beds, and hardscapes. With  plants that thrive in your space and complement your vibe.  


Happiness, guaranteed.


creating the vision

This is the first step before hiring us to create a garden design. We want your garden to be a space where you want to make your new favorite memories in. To do this, we need to know what in the world of plants brings you joy! We'll come to you to see outdoor space in person so we can create the perfect design for you with all the right plants in the right places. To create a precise design, we will take measurements of your yard and surrounding structures as well as existing plants you would like to keep.


holistic & beautiful

Taking into consideration your needs and desires, we’ll create a design you’ll love. With care, we choose plants that suit your unique style and that will thrive in your space. We specialize in gardens featuring edible and xeriscape plants as well as native habitats and rain gardens. And for the DIY gardener, we can make a design and that can be installed in stages. If you are craving more information please check out our 'Design Process' page to learn more details!


meticulous upkeep

Looking for someone specialized that can tend to each plants' needs? We provide professional services to keep your yard looking it's very best. We expertly amend the soil, prune, fertilize, weed, rake, and clean up debris. Peaceful and quick, we do the job without all the power tools. We're not your typical mow-and-blow landscaper. Unfortunately, we do not take care of lawns. Fortunately, there's no noise pollution when we work! We’ll make sure your yard is doing great so all you have to do is relax and enjoy.


one-on-one learning

If you love digging in the soil and spending your sweet time with your plants, but just need some professional direction, we got you! Gardens are wonderfully complicated living systems, it's normal to have lots and lots of questions and we can answer them. We are well versed in everything organic gardening from building healthy soil to proper planting and dealing with those pesky weeds and pests. This session can be booked multiple times throughout different seasons, so we can teach you how to care for your garden to keep it beautiful year-round.

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